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The Top Three Cloud Cost Management Challenges … and How to Solve Them

We were told the cloud was supposed to be a miracle technology – a way to access and use information and solutions across organizations, between organizations, across platforms and devices, across the world. And in many ways, it’s delivered. But it has also introduced challenges we couldn’t have predicted – challenges we’re still discovering and learning how to solve.

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How Much Money are you Losing on Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 is one of the most used (if not the most used) SaaS applications in the world. The company reports more than120 million active monthly users, a number that just keeps growing. The benefits of the service – including increased productivity and communication across teams – are self-evident, but the dangers aren’t.

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Think You’re Not Overspending on Software Licenses? Think Again.

According to global research from Gartner, most organizations are probably overspending on software licenses by about 30%. The problem is, almost nobody realizes it. They have no frame of reference to understand how much they should be spending, and no way of knowing what their employees are actually using. The bigger the organization, the worse the disconnect.

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