New feature: Protect your corporation with data breach discovery

When I first started telling people about Applogie in 2017, I focused mostly on how our SaaS management platform could save their companies thousands of dollars month-to-month and year-to-year. That’s still true. The ability to understand expenses and usage, plan budgets backed by data and negotiate vendor contracts with confidence can mean a huge difference in a corporation’s bottom line.

But recently, I’ve been thinking a lot more about how SaaS management can act as a sentinel, cutting down on a corporation’s risk of a major security breach (which, incidentally, could save millions of dollars – not to mention trust and reputation).

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce we’ve added another new feature to the Applogie platform: data breach discovery on an individual level.

Now, your Applogie admin can input the individual email addresses of all your corporation’s employees and check to see which of the email addresses have been compromised, where and when, in near real-time.

Research shows 60% of all cybersecurity attacks against corporations are committed by insiders including current employees, and 25% of those attacks are probably accidental. So if an employee uses a corporate email address and password to sign up for an account on another website, and that website is then compromised, your systems are in danger too.

When you know that an account has been a victim of a data breach somewhere else online, you can prompt that employee to change his or her corporate password immediately, greatly reducing the chance that your own corporate systems are at risk of a breach as well. You can also use this information to ensure employees are complying with corporate email usage standards, to design cybersecurity training programs, and to keep your employees’ identities safe.

Combined with our SaaS discovery, management and optimization capabilities, this new data breach feature makes Applogie an integral piece of your enterprise security stronghold.

Curious to see where your employees stand?

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