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Advice and support for enterprises going remote during the COVID-19 crisis

As individuals around the globe contend with the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, those who suddenly find themselves able to socially distance by working from home every day are lucky. Countless others are dealing with unemployment or health anxieties as they work essential jobs on the front lines of society. 

The corporations who have had the option of transitioning their workforces remote almost overnight are lucky too, all things considered. Still, the shift doesn’t come without its challenges.

According to LinkedIn, searches for “remote working” on LinkedIn Learning have tripled since January, as employees and managers look for advice. The platform surveyed its users and found that 43% of those who used to work in an office are now working remotely. 

As a company founded on the principles of cloud-based work, we want to offer our support and advice to organizations that have suddenly transitioned their entire companies to remote work. While the decision to transition was made very quickly, LinkedIn found that 44% of senior leaders are somewhat or very likely to make their new remote work policies permanent.

That means the things your organization does today can set it up for remote working success or failure far into the future.

As your organization settles into its remote work routine: 

Beware of overextended licenses

Many enterprises don’t have a good understanding of all the cloud-based software they are paying for, or who is using what on a regular basis. When more of your employees than usual are suddenly using these subscriptions, which often enable work outside a corporate network, you may be liable for overages without knowing it. Especially at a time when you’re looking to decrease spend, an unexpected charge is an unwelcome surprise. 

Look for unused subscription capabilities

On the flipside, organizations also fail to use their software licenses to their full potential. Consider reaching out to your SaaS account managers to ask whether you’re paying for any capabilities that you aren’t currently using. You may find you already have the capacity to extend your remote workforce without paying extra. 

Offer employees secure sharing options 

When your employees are working from home for the first time (along with most of their customers, partners and prospects), they want to be productive. If you don’t provide them with approved methods of secure information sharing, there’s a good chance they will look for their own. While well-intended, sharing secure information and data over email, personal Google drives and other “resourceful” methods can put you at much higher risk of a security breach. 

Continue regular security training

A 2018 Data Breach Report from Verizon found that an average of 4% of targets in a phishing campaign will click – even under normal circumstances. Now consider the likely behavior of an anxious, distracted worker faced with a phishing campaign designed to prey on them during an especially vulnerable time. Remind your employees working remotely of security guidelines and best practices, and stress that both are even more important when working from home (on a potentially unsecured network). 

In addition to our support, Applogie is offering a free trial of its SaaS management platform and security monitoring tool. To take advantage of this offer and ease the transition to working remotely, get in touch with us

Stay safe, everyone.

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