In July of this year, Gartner released its Hype Cycle for Software as a Service. If you’re unfamiliar with the organization’s hype cycles, here’s a quick breakdown: Gartner takes an area of technology (SaaS, in this instance) and places aspects of that technology along a curving graph – ‘time’ along the x axis and ‘expectations’ along the y axis. It then splits that x axis into five cleverly-named stages that it claims (with pretty astonishing accuracy) all technologies go through:

  • Innovation trigger (“Hey, I think we’re onto something here …”)
  • Peak of inflated expectations (“This new tech is going to solve all our challenges … and make billions!”)
  • Trough of disillusionment (“Ugh, maybe that idea wasn’t all it was cracked up to be … we just can’t get it off the ground.”
  • Slope of enlightenment (“Wait a minute … maybe all our campaigning got through to someone … or a lot of someones!”)
  • Plateau of productivity (“Oh, yeah, that tech? Everyone’s using it, the market is kind of saturated … but we couldn’t run our business without it.”)

Not all stages are created equal, time-wise. For example, you can expect a technology to spend the shortest amount of time in the Peak of Inflated Expectations, and the longest time in the Plateau of Productivity.

So what does all this have to do with Applogie (which, we admit, hasn’t been publicly recognized by Gartner just yet)? Only this: Applogie identifies strongly as one of the technologies called out in the Innovation Trigger stage, as well as a combination of three more of the 31 technologies featured on this hype cycle.

Primarily, we are a SaaS management platform. That’s a technology Gartner placed early on in its hype cycle, and identified as penetrating just 1% of the market so far, with an estimated 5-10 years to go before reaching the Plateau of Productivity.

For you, this means it makes sense to understand what Applogie is all about now, not 5-10 years from now when your competitors are just starting to understand the necessity of our platform. We know, you might not feel like your organization needs a SaaS management platform, but – sorry to break it to you – you’re wrong. And if you aren’t wrong today, you will be tomorrow.

Still not convinced? Take a look at three other technologies Gartner has placed along its Software as a Service hype cycle:

  1. Software Usage Analytics
  2. Cloud Application Discovery
  3. Cloud Access Security Brokers

As part of our platform, Applogie delivers each of these technologies to you in a single pane of glass view. With little to no effort from you or your IT department, Applogie discovers the cloud subscriptions hidden in your accounting systems and beyond (#2), delivers software usage analytics in near real-time (#1), and gives you control over your cloud access, ultimately improving the security of your systems and information (#3).

Put it this way: 5-10 years from now, you’ll wish you had scheduled a time to chat with us today. Want to see what subscriptions Applogie discovers in your systems? Reach out – we’re excited to talk to you!

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