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SaaS Platform Saves Time and Money on SaaS Costs.

Understand the costs of going serverless

It’s time to get ready for serverless computing. If you haven’t moved any of your cloud-based operations in that direction yet, or if none of your vendors have started offering a serverless platform for your website or mobile app, buckle up. Serverless is coming in hot, and with good reason.

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What you should know about credit cards and hidden SaaS costs

Have you ever gotten so good at a routine work task that you felt like you could do it with your eyes closed? It’s easy to get so comfortable that you start speeding through the task, while also listening to a conference call, eating your breakfast and keeping an eye on your inbox … only to realize later that you made a mistake. Whoops. Maybe you missed a step, got sloppy with your calculations, or just didn’t think through the process as much as you should have. It can happen to anyone, and it seems more likely to happen when you take for granted your efficiency at a boring task. Sure, you’re really good at this specific responsibility, and you can do it better and quicker than anyone else in the company – but apparently you still have to pay attention.

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Why should you choose Applogie over the competitors?

We get it: there are plenty of companies out there claiming the ability to manage your cloud costs. Most of them even have “cloud” in their names: Cloudability, CloudHealth, Cloud Cruiser, Cloudyn, RightScale … you know the type. Then along comes Applogie, a hard-to-pronounce competitor that doesn’t even have “cloud” in its name. So why should you care?

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The Top Three Cloud Cost Management Challenges … and How to Solve Them

We were told the cloud was supposed to be a miracle technology – a way to access and use information and solutions across organizations, between organizations, across platforms and devices, across the world. And in many ways, it’s delivered. But it has also introduced challenges we couldn’t have predicted – challenges we’re still discovering and learning how to solve.

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Think you pay too much for SaaS?

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