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Comparing Applogie and Zylo

We’re proud of what we do at Applogie. We trust in the company we’re building, and our customers trust us, too. Our technology speaks for itself, so there’s no need for us to disparage our competition – that’s not what this blog post is about. In fact, we believe so strongly in the power of SaaS platform management that we’re thrilled more vendors are starting to offer the service.

But Applogie is still one of the newer kids on the block – we don’t have the name recognition or funding that companies like Zylo do (yet). So we do want to shed light on the ways in which our companies and platforms differ – and the ways in which they’re similar.

From a platform standpoint, you might think you would derive comparable benefit from Applogie, Zylo, and a few others in the SaaS platform management space (but not all – many so-called competitors really only manage IaaS and PaaS, not SaaS, as we discussed here). After all,

  • Both companies are built to discover your SaaS apps, manage your renewals, measure your utilization and track the security of every app in one system of record.
  • Both companies monitor critical SaaS information through integrations with your key business systems and SaaS partners.
  • Both companies can have you tracking your software subscriptions – and getting real value from the resulting information – quickly, easily, and without burden on your IT department.

So where does Applogie pull away from the herd? These are the reasons you should listen to what we have to say:

  1. We offer user risk detection. Zylo does not. Did you know that 60% of ex-employees at large companies still have access to at least some systems? At Applogie, we understand the risk of not removing users when they leave your organization, so we track who’s working with you when, making the off-boarding process simple and secure.
  2. We understand the global enterprise. Just because Applogie seemingly came out of nowhere doesn’t mean our leadership team is green. Our co-founders were executives at global, enterprise tech corporations before this, and have experienced all the growing pains you are. We might even be able to uncover challenges you haven’t noticed yet. You can read more about why we’re passionate about Applogie here.
  3. We know where SaaS costs like to hide. Because we have grown and run a large technology company, we know better than anyone the critical role that credit cards and purchasing cards play in your SaaS costs. So we track those, too.
  4. We know what it takes to scale a business. We didn’t arrive at those aforementioned leadership positions through nepotism, good connections, or sheer luck. We’ve founded companies before this one, and – not to toot our own horns, but – they’ve been wildly successful. We’re confident Applogie will as well, after a short ramp-up period. But for now …
  5. We have contract and pricing flexibility. Applogie is still small enough that our overhead is really low – we’ve built the platform, our people are working for pride and peanuts, and we truly care about the satisfaction of each and every customer – no matter how small. So if you just want to dip a toe into the SaaS management waters, we can allow you to do that.

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