How Does A Cloud Cost Management Solution Increase Organizational Transparency?

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The Cloud is changing the way companies purchase technology. Previously, technology decisions were well-planned, communicated and budgeted. They usually required writing an RFP along with undertaking a long proposal and evaluation period. All impacted departments were involved in the planning and decision making: namely, Finance, IT, and Operations.

Today, team members feel empowered to perform their own research on the internet to find solutions to their business challenges. Their intentions are good: they are looking to improve efficiency, improve performance, or better help their customers. They find solutions that are finding are increasingly cloud-based, and usually not very expensive when compared to large system purchases of years past. Most of these cloud-based SaaS solutions offer a free trial period, which allows teams to avoid a formal vendor selection. After the trial period, there are usually multiple tiers of pricing to choose from, as well as flexibility on term length. Many of these solutions don’t require consultants or a large internal team to implement the solution, which makes the purchase even easier. So, any well-meaning team or individual with access to a purchasing card with a modest spending limit can just buy a cloud subscription.

Gone are the days when Finance was a gatekeeper…required to approve a purchase order and decide how the cost be handled financially. Additionally, the IT team is no longer required to procure hardware, plan deployments, or support every application. As a result, IT is out of the loop as well. In some aspects, the cloud’s ability to empower every employee is fantastic … but in other aspects (like keeping a handle on unnecessary spend), it’s a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be.

Utilizing Applogie’s cloud cost management solution can bring visibility and transparency to your organization’s cloud landscape. All active subscriptions, no matter who purchased them originally, are discovered through active payment data located in your financial system. These subscriptions are then brought into Applogie, where all departments can access the data to manage and optimize them collaboratively. Finance and Operations can collaborate on the budget and plan for renewals. IT can work with Operations to ensure that duplicate technology spend is eliminated and that maximum support is provided in order to increase utilization.

Across the organization, team members can learn what tools are being utilized and how they’re benefitting the organization … or not. For large corporations especially, Applogie brings an unparalleled level of transparency and understanding to cloud usage across departments. Ready to get back on the same page with your colleagues? To learn more about how Applogie can increase cloud transparency across your organization, request a free trial.

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