We get it: there are plenty of companies out there claiming the ability to manage your cloud costs. Most of them even have “cloud” in their names: Cloudability, CloudHealth, Cloud Cruiser, Cloudyn, RightScale … you know the type. Then along comes Applogie, a hard-to-pronounce competitor that doesn’t even have “cloud” in its name. So why should you care?


The primary difference in what we do vs. what those other guys do is manage your SaaS as well as your IaaS – and do it better. To understand that difference, you first have to understand the difference between IaaS and SaaS.


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The “aaS” part of the acronym stands for “as a service.” Then, the “I” stands for infrastructure and the “S” stands for software. The difference in the two comes down to what your organization manages for itself and what gets managed by another vendor. Think back to before cloud became a thing – what did you manage on-premises? Your applications, data, runtime, middleware, operating system, virtualization, servers, storage and network, right? So those are the services at stake.


With IaaS, less than half of those services are managed by a third party – usually virtualization, servers, storage and networking. That means you’re still responsible for installing, maintaining and managing applications, data, runtime, middleware and the operating system on-premises. But when it comes to SaaS, everything – from applications to networking – is managed by someone else.


All those other providers – our cloud optimization competitors – really only manage IaaS. So does Applogie, and Applogie does it better. Here’s how, and why it matters:


  1. IaaS discovery. Because your organization is responsible for major parts of these services, their solutions don’t include a discovery component for IaaS. As the customer, you are expected to input your accounts manually … but don’t worry … they only support a few of the big providers (think Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure and Apache CloudStack), so you won’t need to input that many. At Applogie, IaaS discovery is automated.
  2. End user experience. The user experience in our competitors’ solutions is way more technical. Because these IaaS tracking software providers have to integrate with the parts of the solution you’re responsible for managing, they’re much more difficult to use. If you want to implement, you need to assign management to your employees who are already maintaining these systems every day: think your IT power users, not stakeholders on the executive level.
  3. Financial oversight. Forget about oversight from the finance department, as well. Few, if any, of these solutions offer integrations to your organization’s existing finance and accounting systems. Applogie, on the other hand, integrates easily with your financial systems, bringing disparate data sources together so you can gain actionable insight into your monthly payments, budget, license owners and pending renewals – all at a glance.
  4. Component inclusion. The “Cloud-“ crowd is missing all the components included in the Applogie solution. For example: let’s say your organization runs largely on Amazon AWS. Sure, other vendors will track that. But you also use services and software from lots of smaller vendors to deliver your end product or service. Think: New Relic, Twilio, Heroku, DataDog, Splunk, and tons more. Typical IaaS management providers are missing oversight of all those.


Then – surprise – Applogie manages your SaaS subscriptions, too. And that’s where the magic happens. Gartner is predicting an “inevitable” shift to SaaS-based business operations globally, so partnering with a vendor that can easily track those SaaS subscriptions before they grow too unwieldly is definitely in your organization’s best interest.

Here’s how Applogie kicks ass at SaaS:


  1. A proprietary discovery model and rich integrations. Applogie’s unique discovery tools catch all the hard-to-find SaaS subscriptions your employees have squirreled away – in your ERP, on their P-cards, on their coworkers’ P-cards, in their expense reports, you get the idea.
  2. Ease of use. Applogie prides itself on being a tool for stakeholders across finance, IT, operations and the C-suite. You don’t have to be a power admin to get an Applogie integration up and running, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to glean powerful information from our single-view dashboard.
  3. Truly comprehensive view. If your company pays for it, you’ll find it in Applogie. Our tools span your organization, and aren’t limited to SaaS subscriptions sanctioned by IT or DevOps. Did a rogue marketing employee upgrade himself to Dropbox Professional? Did an enthusiastic salesperson decide to strengthen her presentations with an individual subscription to Canva? Applogie knows.
  4. Rich optimization tools. Applogie doesn’t just show you what you’re paying for. It shows you how to make better choices based on those facts. Want to know when a SaaS contract is due to renew, whether the annual price has gone up since last year, or if your competitor is getting a lower rate? Applogie can tell you. Want to know whether you’re on track to hit your software budget for the year, even thought it’s just July (and, come on, it’s not like contracts renew on New Year’s Day)? Applogie benchmarking can tell you. Want to know whether your new acquisition is doubling up on Netsuite licenses? Applogie tracks your legacy subscriptions.


Here’s the thing. We’re thankful to our competitors for paving the way for what we do. And we’re happy for those that have been recently purchased by tech giants. But at Applogie, we still have an advantage. We’re agile, our founders have impossibly deep knowledge of the software subscription problem plaguing todays’ enterprises, and our API and dashboard are just better.

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