Welcome to Applogie! We have a website now, which I’ve been told is kind of important for a technology company. This site, our blog, and our bi-weekly newsletter are designed to help educate you and your organization on how to maximize the value of your Cloud/SaaS/PaaS/IaaS investment. It’s that simple – and that complicated.

More and more organizations are moving to the cloud to increase their ability to operate in the most efficient and flexible way possible. Cloud technology is also enabling organizations to better serve their customers and, as a result, become more successful.

This means the number of cloud solutions available to solve specific business issues is increasing every day. But the ability to manage these subscriptions, to ensure that your organization is maximizing value while minimizing costs, has become increasingly difficult.

Keeping track of the number of subscriptions purchased by which department is difficult enough. The complexity increases when you realize you also have to stay on top of:

  • Utilization of each subscription (number of licenses used vs. purchased)
  • Renewal dates of each subscription
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly spend of each subscription
  • Monthly payments of each subscription
  • Forecasting
  • Technology overlap
  • Department owners
  • Contract terms

If your company is like most, you’re probably trying to manage your cloud subscriptions through spreadsheets or home-grown databases. While this may appear to work initially, the reality is that as the use of subscription technology grows, the problem becomes too complex to effectively manage. Missing a renewal date, subscribing to three collaboration tools, or over-purchasing the number of required licenses are all real issues that can be prevented with the use of a proactive cloud cost management tool.

See where I’m going with this? Applogie is that proactive cloud cost management tool!

Our solution was designed to help organizations manage the complexity of their cloud subscriptions on one pane of glass. Proactive alerts ensure that you never miss a renewal date or pay for licenses that aren’t being used.

I’ll leave you with this: according to Gartner, you’re probably overspending on software licenses by as much as 30 percent. As the cloud and your company grow, so does the cost of that 30 percent. We can help you get control of your cloud costs before they spiral out of control.

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