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What is software license management?

April 2018 Blog 2

If you’re in tech, you know the industry buzzwords, jargon and acronyms can be confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes plain ridiculous. I don’t think we do it on purpose – the solutions, platforms and processes we produce can just be so complicated in their applications, integrations and functionalities that it seems easiest to tack on a catchy phrase and hope people understand what we’re talking about.


With that in mind, you might hear us talking about what Applogie does as “software license management.” But what is software license management? Without an explanation, it just sounds like more tech jargon. So here goes nothing:


Simply put, software license management is a process and/or technology used to discover and monitor an organization’s software subscription and license usage.


If you have an employee trying their damnedest to manually monitor your company’s usage, renewal dates and ownership across five different cloud subscriptions, that’s technically software license management, I guess … but it isn’t doing you any favors. No offense to that hard-working employee, of course.


The Applogie platform automates all that work. It’s quicker, easier, and designed to save you lots of time and money. It works because it provides visibility into your subscriptions that even the most eagle-eyed employees just don’t have. It gives you a single pane of glass view into all the cloud subscriptions across your organization – no matter when the first contract was signed, who’s paying for it or how many people are using it.


It provides built-in analytics, reports, forecasting and benchmarking so you can have open conversations across the IT, finance and operations departments on how to optimize your usage and expenses to maximize value and minimize risk.


Without the jargon? That means you can figure out where to save money, then actually do something about it.


What our software license management tool doesn’t do is make any decisions for you, tell you how to run your business, or recommend one SaaS vendor over another. How you run your business, and with whom, is still 100% up to you. All Applogie does is give you the tools to really see everything that’s going on with your cloud subscriptions: when you might miss a renewal date, where you have unused licenses, when you’re paying for two services that pretty much do the same things.


Applogie lets you see what you’re spending on software, understand where you should be spending less, and gives you the justification to renegotiate terms, redistribute licenses, or reconsider cloud providers.


All jargon and buzzwords aside, software license management is just good business.

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