Have you ever gotten so good at a routine work task that you felt like you could do it with your eyes closed? It’s easy to get so comfortable that you start speeding through the task, while also listening to a conference call, eating your breakfast and keeping an eye on your inbox … only to realize later that you made a mistake. Whoops. Maybe you missed a step, got sloppy with your calculations, or just didn’t think through the process as much as you should have. It can happen to anyone, and it seems more likely to happen when you take for granted your efficiency at a boring task. Sure, you’re really good at this specific responsibility, and you can do it better and quicker than anyone else in the company – but apparently you still have to pay attention.


Credit Card BlogSometimes, it seems like the same thing is happening in the wake of digital transformation. Everything we do at work is getting quicker and easier, and for the most part, it’s fantastic. Manual, paper-based processes (you know, the kind people feel like they can do with their eyes closed?) are being replaced with automated, digital workflows. The fewer human hands touch a process, the less likely there is to be an error in the process.


Then again … sometimes, a process (like buying an individual or small team SaaS license) becomes so easy, that an employee thinks absolutely nothing of it. His manager doesn’t even register the double- or triple-digit blip in the budget, and the subscription purchase revolutionizes the employee’s day. Sounds great, right? Well, great until a few hundred employees around the enterprise do the exact same thing, and nobody realizes it. Now that single triple-digit p-card purchase has multiplied, and it’s inching awfully close to the six-digit mark.


These days, using your accounting software to discover and track your SaaS costs isn’t enough. You need a solution that integrates directly with employee p-cards and expensing systems. Without direct credit card integration, users have to wait for the charges to show up on the expense report and further wait for someone to reconcile and pay the charge. It could take weeks before the charge is associated with a vendor through accounting software.


When you integrate your corporate AMEX and other credit card accounts with Applogie, you’ll discover all your technology costs immediately after purchase. This earlier accounting of costs makes budgeting and forecasting more accurate, and helps you understand what tools and solutions your employees need to help them do their jobs.


And although we’re tech enthusiasts here at Applogie, we don’t actually want machines to take over the world. We just want humans to save their energy and attention for the things that really matter. That’s why our technology automates all those routine, error-prone tasks but never makes business decisions for you. We handle the discovery and tracking processes you want to sleep through, and provide you with results and insights that allow you to make clear-headed, data-driven decisions. Now that’s a solution I would choose with my eyes closed.

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